Hi there! My name is Darshan, and I run a tiny software company (it's just me) called Darshan Computing, LLC. I make apps for Android™ and the web, and most of my work is open source.


BatteryBot Battery Indicator

My first product is BatteryBot Battery Indicator for Android. There is a:

Noteworthy Tuner

My second product, also for Android, is Noteworthy Tuner. There is currently a:

Both of these apps are open source.


I have another project in the works that I'm hoping to release over (northern hemisphere) summer 2015. I'm not quite ready to offer any details, but more will be announced as release draws nearer. It will have an Android app as well as a web client.


Here is a brief list of old (but possibly still useful) resources that I've created over the years:

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